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Education and Qualifications

 When you write A CV it is, of course, a good idea to include qualifications.   But too many people misunderstand this and think that it means you should include details of all your education right back to primary school. 

As with all aspects of writing your CV, before including anything, you should ask yourself ‘will that make a difference to the employer’s decision-making process ‘.    In other words, since we all went to school, unless yours was in some way different or intresting, don’t bother to include it. 

Qualifications are a different matter.  If you are a graduate then the name of the establishment where you gained your degree is  relevant because it was they who awarded the qualification.   ‘A’ levels on the other hand are awarded by an external body so the school or college is not necessarily relevant.

Educational qualifications are simply your ‘jumping off point’ but, in my view, training courses are much more relevant   As your career progresses it is likely that this type of qualification will have enabled you to develop your skills and expand your knowledge base.  

The golden rule in CV writing is to identify what is relevant so that you make your CV user friendly and fit for the purpose for which it is intended – to enable you to be successful in your job hunt. 

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