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Writing a Graduate or Starter CV

The most important thing to remember here is the level of competition you are facing.   You may view the prospect of writing your CV with dismay because you don’t think you can find much to write about, but remember that as long as you are applying at the right level, employers will know what to expect from a school leaver or graduate.  The problems that face you will be the same as those faced by all the other candidates.

The biggest mistake that people make is in trying to ‘big up’ their achievements or work experience and trying to make it something that it wasn’t.   Remember that at starter level an employer will be looking for somebody who is willing to learn.  They won’t be attracted to the prospect of trying to teach somebody who already knows everything, or who appears to think that they are already able to function at a senior level. 

Make it clear that you understand that because you are only just starting out you still have a lot to learn.   If you have some work experience, then so much the better.   Try to demonstrate that you did what was expected of you.   If this involved some level of trust, eg cash handling, that would be good.   But even such mundane tasks as shelf stacking can be turned to good advantage by showing that you have self discipline, which is extremely important if you are going to take on the commitment of a full time job. 

Remember, you are trying to sell your services to the employer.   They will think far more of you if you tell the truth and keep it simple.

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