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Are Employers interested in you

Now when giving free CV Assessments, I frequently give the advice that employers are not interested in you as a person at all, only in what you can bring to their organisation.  However this week I was taken to task for giving that advice .   As a result of that I have reconsidered, and I think that, although it is true in essence, it is advice that can be easily misunderstood unless it is taken only in the context of writing a CV. 

When considering a CV, the employer will definitely not be interested in hearing all about ‘me’ and my perceived strengths, mainly because this information is too subjective and can’t be quantified.   I may say that I am wonderful in every way with superlative personality traits which are just what an employer is looking for.   However, it is only me who is saying that and there is no way of proving it.   What you really need to do is to demonstrate in your CV what you have achieved in your life, so that the employer can realise that in order to have done that you must be a certain kind of person.  

In order to find out how you will fit into a team, the employer will use psychometric testing techniques.   These tests are designed specifically for that purpose.

However, having thought this through I will modify the advice I give in future.   I will say that employers are only interested in what you can bring to their organisation.   Your qualities need to be demonstrated, an employer will be unlikely to  place any value upon your own assertions of your peceived strengths, so it’s not a good idea to include them in your CV.       

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