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What sets us apart

It can be difficult to know how to choose a CV writing service. What sets us apart is our caring attitude, combining professionalism with a high standard of personal service. Client satisfaction is our priority and we are dedicated to providing the best possible CV writing service to help our clients to achieve their career goals.

Over ten years experience

Our Senior CV Consultant has over ten years experience of writing CVs for people from all walks of life. During that time she has also worked with recruitment agencies and Corporate clients who have included CVs as part of redundancy packages for their workers.

Fully trained Consultants

Our CV Consultants are fully trained so they know just what is required. For a modern CV all the information needs to be analysed, giving a very clear indication to the reader of what makes you the ideal candidate for that special job. This is the art of CV writing. It is our tried and tested format which is well received by employers because it makes it so much easier for them to understand exactly what you have to offer.

Achieving the right balance

Your CV should be no longer than two pages. If you have ever tried to write your own CV you will know from experience how difficult this is to achieve whilst still managing to do justice to your skills and achievements. Our CV Writers know how to achieve this balance, writing interview winning CVs that present all the relevant information in a clear, easy to understand format which will give an excellent first impression.

Tailored CVs

We pride ourselves on our high standards, providing CV writing services that are second to none. We never use CV writing software and produce tailored CVs individually for each client. When you use our services you can be confident that you will have the very best chance of sucess in today’s competitive jobs market. Your CV will leave the prospective employer in no doubt about what you have to offer.

CV Writing process

The CV writing process is designed to be as user-friendly as we can make it. We give clear, step by step instructions, making it easy for you to provide the necessary information. Our fully trained Consultants are experienced communicators who understand the importance of taking notice of comments and client feedback.

CV Templates

In addition to professional CV writing services we also offer a range of CV Templates. These templates are completely different from any others currently on offer. They are not based upon tables, so it is not possible to detect that a template has been used at all. They also come complete with detailed guidance notes which makes them ideal solution for people wanting to write their own CV to a professional standard.

Our Guarantees

In the unlikely case of any legitimate complaint about any of our professional CV services, we will not only immediately refund all monies paid, but will also rewrite the CV free of charge.

Privacy Policy

To ensure confidentiality we always respect our clients’ instructions when making contact or sending documents. No information about our clients will ever be furnished to third parties for any purpose whatsoever. Copies of CVs will never be given to anyone other than our clients. To protect this high standard of privacy, we are sorry that it is not possible for us to provide copies of our work.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act Registration No.Z9537380


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