Here is a selection of the many testimonials we have received from satisfied clients:

Cathie, a nurse from Oxford writes:

Thank you for your services.  I have enjoyed the experience very much and am pleased at the overall outcome.  If ever I am in need of CV writing services again I will not hesitate to contact you.

Helen, an HR Professional from Manchester writes:

As an HR professional I understand how important it is to have a CV, which stands out from the crowd.  You have achieved this objective and managed to develop a CV which contains an amazing amount of information, and all on two sides of A4

People often say that the proof is in the pudding, so here it is.  At 9.00am this morning I sent my CV to 3 agencies, in connection with senior HR positions.   By 5.00 pm on the same day I have two interviews arranged. 

Thank you for your time and effort I feel that the investment in my CV has been worthwhile.

Erik, a Senior Manager from Greater London writes:

Thank you very much for your assistance in rewriting my CV.  It has been a bit of a revelation to see what you could do, to write my professional career in such a concise, to the point and professional manner.  I know this will help me greatly in finding the right opportunity for my next career move.

I have seen many CVs in my professional career and I have to say, it is the first and most important selling tool towards a next position for most professional job seekers.  I will recommend you to anybody in future whom I feel should need assistance with writing their career path in a professional way.

Niall, a Design Engineer from Perth writes:

What can I say – thank you so much!

I was trying to think of a short and neat way of saying how much I appreciate what you have done for me, and how much I enjoyed working with you – something that you could add to your testimonials.  But I can’t .. I guess that’s why I came to you for help in the first place.

David, A Marine Engineer working in Dubai writes:

Some feedback for you – since I published my newly formated CV, I have had around 7 or 8 cold calls enquiring after my availability versus zero in the previous 12 month period.  I can’t thank you enough!

Michael an IT expert from Lincolnshire writes:

I’d like to say that working with you has been a real pleasure.  I feel that not only do I have a much improved CV, but that I’ve also experienced an overhaul of my entire self-marketing strategy.  I am extremely grateful.  Needless to say, sincerely recommended.

Frances an Office Manager from Hertfordshire writes:

I would just like to say how impressed I was with your service.  You are extremely professional and I believe intuitive about your Clients.  You made me feel extremely good about what I’d achieved in my career and myself personally.  I write this testimonial to you sincerely and cannot thank you enough for your time and help.

Syeed an Undergraduate from Sheffield writes:

Just a quick thank you for the excellent CV.  It proved to be a winner and landed me several interviews.  I’ve been offered two places one in data warehousing and one as a Java Developer.  I’ve taken the Java Developer offer as it is more suited to my chosen career path

Clive a Project Engineer from Gloucestershire writes:

Many thanks for a professional job

David a Senior Manager from Leicestershire writes:

You have achieved in a few hours that which I found impossible over several years.  A magical transformation and a very enjoyable experience.

Richard an HR Manager from Manchester writes:

Many thanks for your help with this.  It really reads well and I very much appreciate your help

Bruce and Engineer working in Denmark writes:

Many thanks for the updated CV.  All looks great with the changes and hope it works to the same extent as the last time you re-wrote my CV.

and lastly, Michael who approached us for a free CV assessment:

I have been in the UK for two weeks now and not had much success in the area of job hunting. Having just come over from South Africa where the CV requirements are worlds apart from here, it is extremely helpful hearing the advice from a professional.

I have also approached certain other CV writing firms, for free assessment.  To date the best feedback that I have received has been ‘your CV needs revision and restructuring to be appropriate for the UK Market

To summarise, this note is basically to say thank you for the most useful review and pointers which I will most certainly attempt to apply.  Unfortunately I am in a catch 22 situation which is preventing me from using any professional services.  Suffice it to say, had the situation been different, I would most certainly have made use of your services.


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