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Our full range of CV writing solutions has prices to suit all pockets. Whatever your circumstances we have a level of service to suit you. Our focus is on customer service. Every CV is individually written for the client by an experienced consultant. Our Professional CV services are tailored so you can be sure that your new CV will reflect your skills and abilities and be appropriate to the current stage of your career.

Levels of Service

We provide four levels of service, to suit all requirements.

Level 1 Starter CV 75.00
This CV is suitable for students or recent graduates. It will focus upon Educational qualifications and where appropriate, will demonstrate personal qualities by giving information about positions of responsibility or work experience.

It is also suitable for factory workers or people who have not acepted positions of responsibility. It will give information about previous work history and, where applicable, any educational or vocational qualiications.

Level 2 Standard CV 95.00
This CV is suitable for people with less than five years’ work experience. The CV will demonstrate any vocational training, experience and skills which have been gained during your employment so that you can progress in your career.

Level 3 Professional CV 125.00
This CV is suitable for experienced people working in middle management or junior technical roles The CV will summarise skills, experience and responsibilities to date. Your achievements in your current and previous roles will be highlighted to give you the best chance of future success.

Level 4 Senior Professional CV 165.00
Suitable for people working in Senior Management or complex technical roles. The CV will highlight previous career development. It will take into account specific career aims and be focused upon strengths and achievements

For levels 3 and 4 preliminary telephone consultation is also included, or you may choose to conduct correspondence via e-mail if this is more convenient to you.

The Process

As soon as your order is placed, you will be able to download your CV information sheet, which can be completed in your own time. You will also receive an email message from us giving your unique reference number so that you can return your completed form by email. If you already have an old CV you may also choose to send that to us at the same time.

Once we have this information, we will either contact you by telephone, or prepare an easy to understand personalised questionaire especially for you. This will include in-depth questions about you, your career and achievements. Either way, your Consultant will be able to gain a good understanding of what is required to provide you with the most effective professional CV writing service. It is a very straightforward process, you give us the information in your own words and we do the rest.

TimescalesWithin five working days of that date the new CV will be submitted to you as a draft. You will then have fourteen days to suggest alterations. We will endeavour to complete these alterations within 24 hours of receiving your instructions. When you indicate that you are ready to sign-off the work, the final CV will be sent to you in RTF, PDF or Word format, as you prefer.

CV Writing TemplatesFor a really cost-effective solution, we also offer a range of CV Writing Templates which come complete with in-depth guidance notes and are the perfect solution for people wanting to write their own CV to a professional standard.


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