Top Tips on developing Interview Techniques

On the day

Remember that everyone attending for interview is facing the same challenges.   Everyone is bound to be nervous, including possibly the interviewer.  You will have prepared carefully for the day so now remember that you need to give the best impression on the day.

Avoid distractions

Try not to show you are nervous by fiddling with rings or bracelets.   If you are offered a cup of coffee, remember it only represents one more thing to manage.   Probably a good idea not to accept the offer.   It would be better to refuse politely than to try to have to manage a full cup whilst being interviewed.

Be honest

Always be honest, but present facts in a positive way.   If you were to get the job on the basis of untrue information, you would very soon be found out so don’t embroider the truth.   Be confident in your own qualifications and present yourself in a positive light.


If you are asked a question about skills or experience that you don’t have, then admit it.   As long as you make it clear that you are willing to learn, the interviewer will understand this. He will then be able to assess how much training you would need if you were offered the job.

Previous jobs

Never, under any circumstances, should you criticise previous employers or make excuses for why you are leaving.   There is nothing wrong with being ambitious so if you are asked for your reason for reason, don’t be afraid to say that you are looking for a better job. 

Ask questions

If you are invited to ask questions about the job don’t be afraid to do so.   You may like to make some preparation for this in advance.  Remember this interview is also to give you an opportunity to decide whether you would like the job if offered.

Be polite

Remember to speak when spoken to, and get the balance right.   Don’t mumble, but on the other hand don’t shout.   At the end of the interview always remember to say thank you.   If you think you would like the job there is nothing wrong with saying so.


Usually there will be only one job on offer.   Don’t be disheartened if you are turned down.   You can’t expect to get every job you apply for.  Your turn will come.  Put it down as a worthwhile experience and remember your interview skills will improve with practice.


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