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OK, so you understand the importance of CV writing and how much difference a good CV/resume can make to your job prospects. But now you are faced with what can appear to be a very difficult decision. How do you get the CV you need to ensure future success. What are the CV writing options open to you How can you be sure that you don’t waste your time or money

The paragraphs that follow give more information and advice about some of the CV writing options you may be considering – some are less attractive than they at first appear.

Write your Own CV
Most people start out intending to write their own CV. You may already have tried it for youself. The fact that you are looking at this site probably means that you have already discovered just what a daunting task CV writing can be. We give free advice in our ‘writing a CV’ section and this will help you understand how to go about writing your own CV. However, even with the benefit of this advice, you will doubtless discover that there are things you would rather do with your time, especially as the end result is unlikely to compare favourably with a professional CV.

CV Writing Software
You may have seen examples of CVs produced by CV writing software and been unimpressed. This is hardly surprising – how can a computer program take your years of experience and finely tuned skills and effectively sell them to a potential employer CV writing software is a very cheap option – and it shows! The layout is bound to be stereotyped and all the text has to be provided by yourself – so there is nothing at all to gain by using CV writing software.

Cheap CV Writing Services
There are CV writing services who will offer to write your CV at rock bottom prices. How can they afford to do that and still earn money Even if they are employing really cheap labour, they will only be able to afford to spend a very little time on writing your CV. Their only other alternative is to automate. This inevitably means using CV writing software which we have dealt with above. However low the price, this option has to be a false economy.

Use a Professional CV Service
This is undoubtedly the best solution but you still need to be very careful when making your choice. There are many pitfalls when selecting a CV writing service. It can be extremely difficult to know whether you are choosing wisely with so many different options available. In many cases CV writing is simply being used as a vehicle for entrepreneurial activity. These people are very good at what they do, which is sales and marketing. They are not specialising in CV writing at all, but rather in selling the service. Their skill lies in marketing so they are likely to be very persuasive but that does not mean that they are offering a good CV writing service. Usually the actual work will be carried out by third party sub-contractors, so you have no way of knowing who you will be dealing with.

CV Template Solutions
Some people really want to write their own CV, but still need some expert guidance. Under these circumstances, a CV Template can be a satisfactory solution, but you must be very careful to get the right one. There is understandably a great deal of prejudice against CV Templates because most of them are based upon tables. This makes the layout very restricted and it is immediately apparent that a template has been used. We are well aware of this and so have made it our business to develop a unique range of CV Template Packages which overcome these problems.

The Very Best Options
You can’t go wrong if you choose CV Writing Services either for your professional CV or your CV Template package. We offer tailor made, professional CV’s written to a very high standard. Our CV Consultants take a great deal of pride in their work and we really care about our clients.

Professional CV Writing from CV Witing Services
Our fully trained Consultants know just how to write tailored, interview-winning CV’s. We will demonstrate your skills and achievements so that prospective employers will recognise your potential value to their organisation. This will give you the best possible chance of success.

CV Templates from CV Writing Services
Our unique CV Writing Templates have been very carefully developed to help you in writing your own CV to a professional standard. These high quality templates come complete with in depth instructions on their use, helpful hints and tips, examples and a unique list of useful words and phrases. This option is very cost-effective and will give you invaluable help in writing your own CV.


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