Writing a CV

How to write a CV for the modern jobs market

Layout is crucial

When writing a CV for the modern jobs market, it is important to remember that the CV is essentially a marketing document for use in a very competitive field.  Writing a CV without paying scrupulous attention to the layout is a big mistake.   If your CV is not written in a format which is be pleasing to the eye, you could be wasting your time.  If the reader is daunted at the prospect of reading through a long and complicated document then at best you are off to a poor start, as worst all the work you have done in writing your CV could be wasted, because it may not be read at all. 

Immediate impact

The reason for writing a CV is usually so that you can use it in support of your application for a job.   When you submit your CV it will probably arrive along with a large number of others.  The prospective employer will only allow a very short time for an initial appraisal of each candidate.   Even though you may be the ideal candidate, you will have lost your opportunity to prove it if the first impression of your CV is not pleasing to the reader.   The message is clear, when writing a CV pay careful attention to the layout and appearance of the document.

Be objective

It is very important to be objective when writing a CV.   Avoid the use of pronouns, otherwise the CV can appear to be all about ‘me’ and what ‘I’ want.   Remember that the prospective employer is only really interested in what you can bring to his organisation, he is not interested in individual candidates as people.  When writing a CV you should try to avoid including too much detail which can make it over-complicated.

The Trick

The basic principles of marketing apply to writing a CV just as much to any other form of marketing.   The trick when writing a CV is to identify your target market and then demonstrate that you have the skills and competencies that the prospective employer is looking for.

Our Services

CV writing is not easy.  You can avoid all the hassle of writing your own CV and be assured of an excellent result by using our Professional CV writing services.  Our skill is in organising complex information in a clear, easy to understand format.     

We offer affordable solutions.  Remember to take into account the difference a first class CV will make to your job prospects and earning potential.   A professionally written CV from CV writing services is an extremely worthwhile investment for your future at a very reasonable price.

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